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We're on the buy side

Aegent works only for energy buyers. Our role is to level the playing field by bringing to our clients the expertise that can help them navigate the energy marketplace.

In our experience, the process used by a municipality to purchase energy is often different than the process used by a manufacturing plant.  Aegent works with customers ranging from industrial consumers to school boards to power generators and has developed an understanding about the unique purchasing requirements for each. 

Industrial and Commercial Consumers

See how Aegent can help industrial and commercial firms use energy purchasing strategies to develop a competitive advantage. Click here ».

Institutional Consumers

See how Aegent can help public buyers reduce energy costs. Click here ».

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From planning to implementation

Oshawa Power and Utilities Corporation called on Aegent to develop the gas supply plan for the Durham College District Energy Project. Now Aegent provides operations support including dispatch advice based on continuously changing gas and power prices.

Read about the Durham College District Energy Project on the Ontario Power Authority website »

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