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Carbon Insights

Cap and trade program kicks off with the first Ontario Auction

April 2017

On March 22, 2017, the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change held the first Ontario cap and trade auction. The results were published on April 3. Read more >>

Cap and trade in Ontario: the carbon context and FAQs

February 2016

In preparing for cap and trade, it is important to recognize the context of carbon as a new commodity when managing energy consumption. Aegent has summarized some of the frequently asked questions and answers we have been addressing. Read more >>

Carbon Pricing and Its Impact on Electricity Prices

April 2013

Carbon pricing has been in the news of late. If and when Ontario gets around to having a carbon price, it raises the question as to how electricity prices might be affected. Read more >>

Ontario Electricity Carbon Intensity: How Does It Measure Up?

May 2011

One measure of an electricity system's "greenness" is its carbon intensity. Despite all the talk of "dirty coal", Ontario's electricity system might be greener than many people think. Read more >>

Taking Stock of Carbon Emissions and Risk

July 2008

How to deal with GHG emissions in Canada (through regulations and/or taxation) is being debated. With the federal and provincial governments each putting forward their own initiatives for addressing the challenge of climate change, it is not surprising that there is some confusion about what should be done. Is it best to wait until a complete and formalized process is in place or are there things that can be done now to begin to measure and manage risks that will arise from these processes? Read more >>

Coal Replacement-Implied Carbon Cost

April 2008

The Ontario government has introduced legislation that all coal generation must be out of service by 2014. The shortfall in generation needed to serve Ontarians will be made up through conservation efforts and gas-fired, nuclear and renewable energy generation. With British Columbia's introduction of a carbon tax recently making headlines, how does Ontario's coal replacement initiative compare in its impact on consumers? Read more >>