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Electricity Insights

Energy storage is gaining traction in the Ontario electricity market

November 2017

Energy storage applications are beginning to gain some traction in the Ontario electricity market. Advances in battery technology are enabling commercial and industrial end-users to explore batteries as a strategy for addressing the burden of Global Adjustment costs. Read more >>

Cap and trade program kicks off with the first Ontario Auction

April 2017

On March 22, 2017, the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change held the first Ontario cap and trade auction. The results were published on April 3. Read more >>

A closer look at the Fair Hydro Plan

April 2017

In March, the Government of Ontario announced elements of its Fair Hydro Plan. Among other components, the Plan will lower electricity bills by 25% on average for all residential customers and hold rate increases for the next four years to the rate of inflation. Although some aspects of the plan are known, questions remain about other elements and their impact. Read more >>

Changes to the Industrial Conservation Initiative offer cost reduction opportunities

October 2016

Ontario is proposing to expand the Industrial Conservation Initiative program to include more than 1,000 newly eligible consumers. Read more >>

The continuing evolution of Ontario's electricity sector

October 2015

The supply/demand picture for the Ontario electricity sector is changing and new procurement mechanisms are being examined. Read more >>

Will Hydro One rates be affected with broadened ownership?

August 2015

One of the main criticisms of the Ontario Government's plans to sell up to 60% of Hydro One is that with a portion of the utility going public, its rates will inevitably increase. Will this really be the effect? Read more >>

Fatal flaws in procuring expertise through RFPs

February 2015

Many organizations faced with the need to source energy expertise resort to the old procurement warhorse, the Request for Proposals. But in three key ways, the RFP is a flawed tool for procuring expert advice to solve a complex problem. Read more >>

Will merging the OPA and IESO reduce electricity bills?

December 2014

The goal of the January 1, 2015 merger of the OPA and IESO is to achieve cost reductions in administering the electricity system. But the merger carries risks and will do little to reduce electricity costs for consumers. Read more >>

Fight rising electricity costs by generating your own power

June 2014

Considering where electricity rates are and the incentives available, consumers who are able to produce their own electricity may find it an effective way to reduce electricity costs. Read more >>

Ontario Electricity: A Proposal to Expand Global Adjustment Class A

May 2014

A proposal to change the eligibility threshold for Global Adjustment Class A was put on hold by the calling of a provincial election. Aegent believes the change will occur eventually and newly-eligible customers should begin preparations now. Read more >>