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Electricity Insights

Should I be concerned about high electricity spot prices?

April 2014

Aegent encourages consumers to take a closer look at what a spike in HOEP really means by challenging three key assumptions. Read more >>

Latest LTEP Can't Stop Electricity Cost Freight Train

December 2013

The new Long Term Energy Plan for Ontario talks about projected cost increases being lower than in the 2010 plan. But future cost increases on electricity bills are the result of contract terms that have already been set, and so on those costs, "the train has left the station". Read more >>

What's Happening with the Total Commodity Price for Electricity?

September 2013

Comparing total commodity prices for electricity for the 12 months ended August 2013 to prices for the previous 12 months is instructive in discerning trends and the reasons for the price behaviour. Read more >>

IESO Stakeholder Engagement on Global Adjustment: An Update

June 2013

The IESO released a first draft report as part of its review of the Global Adjustment mechanism in which it assesses the impact of changes in GA cost allocation. The potential exists for the expansion of eligibility for Class A GA treatment. Read more >>

Predicting Ontario "High 5" Demand Hours

June 2013

Global Adjustment Class A consumers with flexible load will want to hover over their "off" switch during potential High 5 hours, ready to reduce their load. Aegent has examined when High 5 hours are most likely to occur. Read more >>

Managing Rising Electricity Costs with Load Displacement Generation

April 2013

Given the current regulatory framework in Ontario and market conditions, certain load displacement generation projects are economically feasible even without the Clean Energy Standard Offer Program. Read more >>

Carbon Pricing and Its Impact on Electricity Prices

April 2013

Carbon pricing has been in the news of late. If and when Ontario gets around to having a carbon price, it raises the question as to how electricity prices might be affected. Read more >>

Electricity Rates Continue Increasing: What to Do

March 2013

Increases in electricity rates through to 2016 and beyond are unavoidable. How does a consumer go about mitigating total bill increases? Read more >>

Setting Rates for Electricity Distributors: The Basics

March 2013

One of the main concerns expressed in response to the recommendation of the Distribution Sector Review Panel to consolidate electricity utilities into regional distributors was that it would open the door for privatization, which would drive up rates to consumers. Given the regulatory framework for distributors, this concern is unfounded. Read more >>

Global Adjustment: Update for 2012 and IESO Consultation

February 2013

Changes to the way Global Adjustment costs are allocated were implemented at the start of 2011. Aegent has updated its analysis of the GA costs allocated to Class A and Class B consumers. Aegent is participating in the IESO consultation that is reviewing the GA mechanism. Read more >>