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Energy budgeting Insights

Engaging senior management in energy

January 2017

While energy has been on the radar as a facility cost to manage, it has yet to become a strategic imperative at the senior management level. A new article in the Harvard Business Review​ makes the case for energy strategy to be a C-suite affair. Read more >>

Low natural gas prices: good news for everyone?

February 2016

Natural gas consumption is increasing in part because of low gas prices. In contrast, suppliers have been under pressure. Reduced cash flow from lower natural gas and oil prices is having wide-spread impact. Read more >>

Evolving gas supply picture calls for attention to basis risk

October 2015

The paths for delivering gas into Ontario are changing. There may be transportation constraints as the network adapts to moving gas to market from new supply zones. What does this mean for Ontario gas buyers? Read more >>

Getting your gas cost budget right

February 2015

Set your gas cost budget too low and your organization has unforeseen costs to meet. Budget too high and perhaps there is an opportunity cost. It is important to get it right. Read more >>

Hedging: A Tool for Risk Reduction, Not Cost Reduction

July 2014

To hedge effectively, energy buyers need to understand what hedging is for, and what it is not for. Hedging is a tool for controlling risk to keep energy prices and price changes within acceptable limits. Read more >>

Fight rising electricity costs by generating your own power

June 2014

Considering where electricity rates are and the incentives available, consumers who are able to produce their own electricity may find it an effective way to reduce electricity costs. Read more >>

Think of Hedging as Just an Umbrella for Unpredictable Weather

September 2013

Deciding when to hedge should be as easy as deciding when to take an umbrella in the morning. The only tricky part is assessing the "probablility of precipitation" in the energy market. Read more >>

Aegent's Forecast of Ontario Electricity Price Increase: An Update

April 2012

Aegent recently updated its forecast of Ontario electricity price increases for the period covering the end of 2011 to the end of 2016. Read more >>

Reallocation of Global Adjustment Costs: Updating for 2011 and Looking to 2014

January 2012

The new methodology for allocating Global Adjustment costs has now been in place for 12 months. As a result, we have a much better idea of the cost transfer dynamics and the amounts transferred from Class A to Class B. Read more >>

Buying Expertise by RFP: Recipe for Problems

February 2011

The procurement policies of many public buyers require that a formal "Request for Proposals" process be used to procure professional services above a certain spend threshold. But the standard RFP can become a Recipe For Problems. Buyers may end up missing out on new ideas and novel solutions that can better meet their needs. Read more >>