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Energy efficiency Insights

Engaging senior management in energy

January 2017

While energy has been on the radar as a facility cost to manage, it has yet to become a strategic imperative at the senior management level. A new article in the Harvard Business Review​ makes the case for energy strategy to be a C-suite affair. Read more >>

Early adjustments to energy management plans: checklist

June 2015

Public sector organizations are one year into the Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plans they were required to prepare under Ontario Regulation 397/11. Now is a good time to assess the plans internally. There are three areas to review and a simple checklist will assist. Read more >>

Behind-the-Meter Generation as CDM

July 2014

Some of the Ontario government's initiatives related to its new Conservation First Framework have implications for Conservation and Demand Management, including behind-the-meter generation which can be well suited to industrial sites. Read more >>

Now Is the Time to Fast Track Those Energy Efficiency Plans

May 2014

Now is the time to fast track those energy efficiency plans if you want some degree of protection from higher gas costs. Approaching those plans systematically will yield the greatest returns. Read more >>

Conservation: Antidote to Electricity Cost Increases?

January 2014

Pursuing conservation continues to appear to be a good cost-saving bet for most electricity consumers in Ontario, with one caveat. To save money, you have to do a lot more conserving than the average consumer. Read more >>

Green Energy Act Conservation Plan, Ontario Regulation 397/11: A Rare Government Gift

September 2013

The conservation plan required by Ontario Regulation 397/11 is a rare opportunity to align people's motivations and management practices to achieve savings on a portfolio level that most have only dreamed of. Read more >>

Conservation and Demand Management: Role of Electricity Distributors

September 2011

All licensed electricity distributors in Ontario have conservation and demand management targets for 2014 as a condition of their licences. The distributors are to achive these targets through the delivery of energy savings programs in their service areas. Read more >>

Accurate Energy Consumption Data to Become a Public Sector Must

September 2011

The Green Energy Act introduced a requirement for Ontario's public sector organizations to develop energy conservation and demand management plans. The first step is to submit energy consumption data for their 2012 operations. Ensuring accurate data can pose a challenge. Read more >>

Demand-Side Management: Role of Natural Gas Utilities

August 2011

With energy conservation and efficiency topics of considerable attention since the Ontario Government's Green Energy Act, Aegent thought it would be interesting to look at how the province's natural gas utilities fit into the picture. Read more >>

Google's PowerMeter May Be a Cautionary Note

August 2011

The discontinuation of Google's online home energy monitoring tool called PowerMeter may be a cautionary note concerning Ontario's push for smart meters. Read more >>