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Natural gas Insights

Like coyotes after a wounded animal ...

April 2014

... gas retailers are eagerly stalking residential gas buyers wounded by the recent sharp increase in utility gas supply charges. But buyers need to understand what the utility rates really represent to make an informed decision. Read more >>

If you can keep your head ...

February 2014

... when all about you are losing theirs ... Read more >>

Curtailment: What Is It?

February 2014

When the utility interrupts the flow of natural gas to an interruptible distribution customer, the utility is said to have "called curtailment". What exactly does this mean and what conditions prompt curtailment? Read more >>

Curtailment: Why Does It Cost So Much?

February 2014

Factors driving the price of gas during curtailment are complex. Price is not necessarily being driven by the cost of supplying the gas, but rather by the competing bids of buyers to get the scarce supply. Read more >>

Take a Closer Look at Your Gas Delivery Contract

November 2013

Gas users who take their utility delivery services as a "given" are missing out on significant gas cost reductions. Analysis and optimization are key to ensuring that they aren't spending more than they need to. Read more >>

Is Seasonality in Natural Gas Prices Important?

November 2013

With natural gas consumption being closely associated with heating demand, it seems intuitive that demand for the commodity and the price would rise in winter relative to other seasons. However, history shows that we can't always trust our intuition. Read more >>

TransCanada Decision Will Have Major Impact on Eastern Gas Commodity Market

June 2013

The NEB's decision to allow TransCanada discretion in the pricing of short-term services will affect the eastern Canadian gas commodity market by making it harder and less profitable for marketers to get gas to key trading points. In this new reality, it will be essential for gas buyers to have a portfolio of suppliers. Read more >>

NEB's TransCanada Decision Will Have Broad Impacts for End Users

April 2013

The NEB's recent decision on TransCanada's tolls and tariff will likely have broad impacts on how end users contract for and use transportation services on the TransCanada mainline. They will need to re-examine their transportation arrangements in order to re-optimize their portfolio. Read more >>

Union to Clear Amounts for 2011 with April Rate Adjustment

March 2013

Union Gas has received approval from the Ontario Energy Board to clear amounts for 2011 in cost variance and other deferral accounts as well as an amount for earnings sharing. Read more >>

Natural Gas Pipeline Infrastructure Developments

February 2013

In eastern North America, the development of pipeline infrastructure to link shale gas supplies to demand is gaining momentum. For large natural gas consumers, these infrastructure developments raise new considerations for supply procurement. Read more >>