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Operations Insights

Curtailment: What Is It?

February 2014

When the utility interrupts the flow of natural gas to an interruptible distribution customer, the utility is said to have "called curtailment". What exactly does this mean and what conditions prompt curtailment? Read more >>

Curtailment: Why Does It Cost So Much?

February 2014

Factors driving the price of gas during curtailment are complex. Price is not necessarily being driven by the cost of supplying the gas, but rather by the competing bids of buyers to get the scarce supply. Read more >>

Predicting Ontario "High 5" Demand Hours

June 2013

Global Adjustment Class A consumers with flexible load will want to hover over their "off" switch during potential High 5 hours, ready to reduce their load. Aegent has examined when High 5 hours are most likely to occur. Read more >>

Price Risk a Key Element in Balancing Natural Gas Supply

October 2011

What doesn't get discussed often in organizations is the price risk associated with the disposal of purchased natural gas that is not needed, or the purchase of additional gas should the organization consume more than projected - and yet, it can have a budget impact. Read more >>

Life on the Margin: What Generators Need to Know

March 2011

Ontario's natural gas and electricity markets are both complex and volatile. This poses a challenge for operators of natural gas-fired power generation facilties. Whether you are a district energy operator or your institution or industrial operation has embedded generation, your operating economics depend directly on what is happening in the natural gas and electricity markets relative to one another, hour by hour. This is a daunting task. Read more >>