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The continuing evolution of Ontario's electricity sector

October 2015

The supply/demand picture for the Ontario electricity sector is changing and new procurement mechanisms are being examined. Read more >>

Will Hydro One rates be affected with broadened ownership?

August 2015

One of the main criticisms of the Ontario Government's plans to sell up to 60% of Hydro One is that with a portion of the utility going public, its rates will inevitably increase. Will this really be the effect? Read more >>

Early adjustments to energy management plans: checklist

June 2015

Public sector organizations are one year into the Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plans they were required to prepare under Ontario Regulation 397/11. Now is a good time to assess the plans internally. There are three areas to review and a simple checklist will assist. Read more >>

Moving incremental gas to Dawn

May 2015

A number of pipeline projects have been proposed to bring incremental supply to Dawn. Completion of one or all would serve to meet the increasing demand at Dawn and reduce the price risk associated with sourcing gas at Dawn. Read more >>

What could cap and trade mean for energy costs?

May 2015

The Ontario Government's cap and trade system is likely to have different impacts on Class A and Class B electricity customers. On the gas side, although the full impact is unclear, certain large businesses as well as power generation from fossil fuels could be affected. Read more >>

Pay attention to Dawn price risk

March 2015

Gas buyers at Dawn need to keep a close eye on the changing supply/demand balance at Dawn, and be prepared to manage the price risks that affect Dawn uniquely. Read more >>

Do prices for crude oil drive natural gas prices?

March 2015

While crude oil and natural gas are "related" commodities, they are distant relations when it comes to pricing. Read more >>

Fatal flaws in procuring expertise through RFPs

February 2015

Many organizations faced with the need to source energy expertise resort to the old procurement warhorse, the Request for Proposals. But in three key ways, the RFP is a flawed tool for procuring expert advice to solve a complex problem. Read more >>

Getting your gas cost budget right

February 2015

Set your gas cost budget too low and your organization has unforeseen costs to meet. Budget too high and perhaps there is an opportunity cost. It is important to get it right. Read more >>

Production hitting its stride means larger injections to storage

December 2014

The October 31 natural gas storage inventory is quite impressive considering that it represents a record level of injections over the summer, which helped replenish inventories that were 50% below normal at the end of last winter. Closer analysis shows there was a lot more than mild weather behind the recovery of inventories. Read more >>