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Price management Insights

Changes to the Industrial Conservation Initiative offer cost reduction opportunities

October 2016

Ontario is proposing to expand the Industrial Conservation Initiative program to include more than 1,000 newly eligible consumers. Read more >>

Moving incremental gas to Dawn

May 2015

A number of pipeline projects have been proposed to bring incremental supply to Dawn. Completion of one or all would serve to meet the increasing demand at Dawn and reduce the price risk associated with sourcing gas at Dawn. Read more >>

Pay attention to Dawn price risk

March 2015

Gas buyers at Dawn need to keep a close eye on the changing supply/demand balance at Dawn, and be prepared to manage the price risks that affect Dawn uniquely. Read more >>

Do prices for crude oil drive natural gas prices?

March 2015

While crude oil and natural gas are "related" commodities, they are distant relations when it comes to pricing. Read more >>

Fight rising electricity costs by generating your own power

June 2014

Considering where electricity rates are and the incentives available, consumers who are able to produce their own electricity may find it an effective way to reduce electricity costs. Read more >>

Conservation: Antidote to Electricity Cost Increases?

January 2014

Pursuing conservation continues to appear to be a good cost-saving bet for most electricity consumers in Ontario, with one caveat. To save money, you have to do a lot more conserving than the average consumer. Read more >>

Take a Closer Look at Your Gas Delivery Contract

November 2013

Gas users who take their utility delivery services as a "given" are missing out on significant gas cost reductions. Analysis and optimization are key to ensuring that they aren't spending more than they need to. Read more >>

Is Seasonality in Natural Gas Prices Important?

November 2013

With natural gas consumption being closely associated with heating demand, it seems intuitive that demand for the commodity and the price would rise in winter relative to other seasons. However, history shows that we can't always trust our intuition. Read more >>

The Hidden Opportunity Cost of Hedging

October 2013

Locking in an arbitrary proportion of one's supply portfolio in case prices rise is an inefficient way to manage the risk of energy market uncertainty. And because it is inefficient, it is expensive. Read more >>

What's Happening with the Total Commodity Price for Electricity?

September 2013

Comparing total commodity prices for electricity for the 12 months ended August 2013 to prices for the previous 12 months is instructive in discerning trends and the reasons for the price behaviour. Read more >>