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Regulatory/Market Insights

A closer look at the Fair Hydro Plan

April 2017

In March, the Government of Ontario announced elements of its Fair Hydro Plan. Among other components, the Plan will lower electricity bills by 25% on average for all residential customers and hold rate increases for the next four years to the rate of inflation. Although some aspects of the plan are known, questions remain about other elements and their impact. Read more >>

Cap and trade in Ontario: the carbon context and FAQs

February 2016

In preparing for cap and trade, it is important to recognize the context of carbon as a new commodity when managing energy consumption. Aegent has summarized some of the frequently asked questions and answers we have been addressing. Read more >>

The continuing evolution of Ontario's electricity sector

October 2015

The supply/demand picture for the Ontario electricity sector is changing and new procurement mechanisms are being examined. Read more >>

Will Hydro One rates be affected with broadened ownership?

August 2015

One of the main criticisms of the Ontario Government's plans to sell up to 60% of Hydro One is that with a portion of the utility going public, its rates will inevitably increase. Will this really be the effect? Read more >>

What could cap and trade mean for energy costs?

May 2015

The Ontario Government's cap and trade system is likely to have different impacts on Class A and Class B electricity customers. On the gas side, although the full impact is unclear, certain large businesses as well as power generation from fossil fuels could be affected. Read more >>

Will merging the OPA and IESO reduce electricity bills?

December 2014

The goal of the January 1, 2015 merger of the OPA and IESO is to achieve cost reductions in administering the electricity system. But the merger carries risks and will do little to reduce electricity costs for consumers. Read more >>

Assessing Risk in the CHPSOP 2.0 Program

November 2014

Careful planning and risk identification and management are necessary in order to fully realize the opportunity offered by the OPA's Combined Heat and Power Standard Offer Program. Identifying risks during the proposal stage and distributing them over the contractual framework will help ensure the project is profitable by design. Read more >>

On Importing More Electricity from Québec ...

September 2014

Some believe that Ontario could tap into cheap imports from Québec to offset our substantially more expensive electricity. In reality, this is a complex technical and economic decision that would not reduce power rates in Ontario for many years to come. Read more >>

Behind-the-Meter Generation as CDM

July 2014

Some of the Ontario government's initiatives related to its new Conservation First Framework have implications for Conservation and Demand Management, including behind-the-meter generation which can be well suited to industrial sites. Read more >>

Ontario Election 2014: Electricity Promises

June 2014

Ontario’s three major political parties have made energy policy promises part of their election platform. Aegent has examined some of these promises through the lens of electricity policy principles we think are important. Read more >>