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Public Buyers: Controlling Energy Costs in a Budget Constrained World

With a client list that crosses the spectrum of public sector buyers, Aegent works towards developing strategies that help organizations meet their energy budgets without compromising the need to deliver energy reliable services when needed.

Municipalities manage energy requirements over a broad range of situations. From public access buildings, heated pools to street lights, end users have high expectations from their town or city. Conversely, citizens expect maximum value for their tax dollar. To add complexity to already challenging circumstances, citizens are now starting to place additional pressure on municipalities to add environmental stewardship to their mandate.

Academic Institutions
As public serving entities, universities and school boards face demands to do more while operating within tight budget mechanisms. With fluctuating energy prices and the impact of weather on energy consumption, active management of the energy supply is needed to avoid large budget variances. The core focus of academic institutions is the delivery of high quality education. Energy cost overruns mean fewer textbooks and computers for students. In a cost constrained environment, everyone in the academic world is trying to do more, with less. 

With the broad range of issues facing schools, effective energy cost control is one of the issues facing administrators. Aegent can work with school boards and facility managers to develop successful energy risk management, procurement and budgeting processes that allow schools to focus their financial and human resources towards the core business of educating their students.

For all hospitals, especially those using cogeneration or combined heat and power facilities, energy budgeting can be complicated. Health care is often an energy intensive field and as such, maximum value for energy dollars must be obtained.  Aegent works directly with facility and finance managers to outlined the appropriate risk profile and energy procurement strategy for hospitals.


School Boards Earn an "A" working with Aegent

Electricity is a substantial cost for school boards.  In a budget constrained environment, an effective energy procurement strategy is central to managing energy costs.  Recently, Aegent Energy worked with the Catholic School Boards Services Association to develop and execute an electricity procurement strategy.

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