Energy Management Services

Natural Gas Services

Natural gas markets are inherently unpredictable. Aegent's view is that a risk management approach based on consistently anticipating the timing and direction of market movements cannot be successful in the long run. The efficient way to manage risk is to do only as much risk management as you need to do.

Aegent starts with helping clients understand their organizational tolerance for risk, and then helping them to develop a gas buying strategy that will control costs predictably within that risk tolerance.

Aegent is unique among advisory firms in Ontario in having senior staff dedicated to regulatory affairs and clients retain Aegent for regulatory surveillance, analysis and intervention. Our regulatory expertise ensures clients are aware of issues emerging on the regulatory agenda, in time to influence them if that is appropriate, and certainly in time to understand the coming impacts.

Aegent's sector-leading best practices include:

  • Establishing practical energy budgets and implementing a plan which adheres to the budget
  • Developing reliable procurement strategies
  • Sourcing multiple suppliers
  • Integrating with client's existing procurement processes
  • Providing timely reports that help manage a key input cost

Aegent's clients gain the economic and quality benefits of outsourcing with the workflow efficiencies of an in-house department with 7 x 24 support.